Safety and Security

Life is so beautiful and sublime because of the wide variety that characterizes it. Every human being has been endowed with a personality that has multiple facets with which to enjoy and partake of this magnificent diversity of life.
A good education must help every person to recognize and develop all such attributes that one possesses. We believe in learning about life through activities that celebrate the diversity as the unity of life. To maintain the sublimity of MAPS's Students the school management is very keen & particular about its students saferty & security.

  • For it teachers escort the students while travelling in school conveyance & in every nook & corner of the school premises
  • The Whole campus is under the surveillance of CCTV cameras inside & outside the building.
  • The admin department casts its eagle eye on every student while they enter & depart.
  • The Security Department is made to be so particular for the safety of its students that it does not let any other new commuter(s) make a group or stand aimlessly