Focusing on the prevailed deteriorating condition of the society ,MAPS extends its mission of developing the practice of YOGA in the session 2178-2018 by involving parents with the school fraternity . It has been well observed that human being is now struggling with one or the other health issues and Yoga wonderfully helps in increasing immunity and innate spirit of the people . Moreover we are pleased to relate that regular practice of Yoga among our children has sharpened their memory and reduced aggression . It has also strengthen their concentration power. Therefore our mission would bear more fruits if we attach parents also in it and let them be a part in the good cause.

Maharaja Agarsain Public School has been built with the intention of ...

  • Channelising the energy of the youth in a constructive way towards innovation and self- realization.
  • Constantly motivating a group of achievers who are propelled by the thought of continued learning.
  • Providing knowledge, and inculcating skills, which will be relevant in our increasingly fast-paced world.
  • Benchmarking excellence in education and applying it as a reference.
  • Instilling a ‘Can-Do’ Attitude in its students.
  • Putting together an inter-active and experimental curriculum.
  • Rendering a culture of child-centric and child-focused education.
  • Preparing students for showcasing and exhibiting them on the global stage.
  • Developing each of its students as pedagogical learners – competent and confident who can excel in all spheres of life.
  • Partnering parents with a vowed intention of sculpting their child’s personality.
  • Creating competencies rooted in ethical culture and values.
  • Providing an environment for an easy adaptability to change
  • Nurturing and fostering the spirit of universal- brotherhood, team work and mutual comprehension which would aid the children in broadening their mental horizon and perspective.