Admission Process

1. The minimum age for admission as on 1st April of the year of admission is:-

Play group:-

2 + yrs. Age


3 + yrs. Age


4 +yrs.age


5+ yrs.age and a differenence of one years for every class above it.

(A) The Registration form and prospectus may be obtained from the school office against a reasonable amount. 
(B) The registration form must be filled in and submitted in the school office well in time as per instructions gives by the office.
(C) The registration form is only valid for the session in which it has been obtained.
(D) Registration does not mean admission.

3. Admission to the school will depend on the number of seats available in various classes.

4. Entrance test is conducted from class K.G onwards and admission will made strictly on merit.

5. No admission test or interview of the child is required for admission into playgroup.

6. There will be an “orientation programme” for the newly admitted children and their parents before the start of the session.

(A) Birth certificate of the child.
(B) Transfer certificate (class 1 onward) duly countersigned by the district education officer.
(C) Progress report of the previous class attended.
(D) Two passport sized photographs.