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We firmly believe that the development of a child is also dependent on physical activities. Therefore, we attach a huge amount of importance to sports- both mental and physical for the blooming of our students’ over all personality. The school has a provision for a number of outdoor games and has a spacious play ground .

In fact the school has its own Sports Academy which haven the skills of the students. The school currently has excellent facilities for cricket, football, volleyball, table tennis, skating, badminton Chess and Taekwondo. It is in the spirit of our ethos, and our culture, that the school authorities have made a general routine of sending the sports team to participate in various CBSE clusters and other tournaments. MAPS feels proud to share that its students have played at National Level. The names are Aashi Rawat in Badminton, Akhil Ghildiyal, Anuj Dandrial, Ajay Negi, Devender Negi, Harshit Tiwari Gagan Sharma, Deepansha Singh, Ishita Sharma in Football, Aniket Malik, Abhinav Malan and Abhishek Malan in Table Tennis, Vaishali Lodhi, Shivangi Mehra and Shagun Rajput in Volley Ball.