The purpose of MAPS Alumni Association is multi-faceted. It is called to establish a mutual & trustworthy friendship and strengthen connections between MAPS and the alumni to promote and support the Mission of the school. To achieve the mission the members of the Association will actively support one another’s events, programs, and the initiatives established by the Alumni Board. The Board will create opportunities for Alumni to return to campus and to appreciate & share their role in setting the MAPIANS tradition and heritage. The Alumni are welcomed to assist in the activities and projects of the school and working for its Mission by providing tangible benefits that will endear the school to them. The Association’s events and projects are overseen by the Alumni Board. Supporting the Mission of the school, the aim of the Alumni Board is to nourish its students and the alumni of MAHARAJA AGARSAIN PUBLIC SCHOOL.

The Board will provide various platforms for alumni to re-connect and re-commit to the school and its Mission.

The Board will also be responsible for nurturing the tradition and heritage of the School.


  1. To assist MAPS in communicating with its alumni and in maintaining a cordial dialogue which may interpret the goals and objectives of the SCHOOL to the alumni.
  2. To support the mission and goals of MAHARAJA AGARSAIN PUBLIC SCHOOL.
  3. To strengthen alumni activities and programs & the same for the school.
  4. To render their services to MAHARAJA AGARSAIN PUBLIC SCHOOL by various ways and means to be mutually determined by the alumni and the School’s Principal, Management and Educational fraternity.
  5. To actively pass on and communicate the School’s history, traditions, methods, mannerism and heritage to the mass.


  1. To establish working committees to assist the Advancement of the school and the Alumni Office.
    2. To create opportunities for alumni to be active in the school.
  2. To manage ways to preserve and strengthen Alumni –MAPS friendship.
    4. To mobilise fund-raising activities that will provide financial and tangible support for MAPIANS as in teaching and conducting workshops.
    5. To provide with alumni to support school programs such as Annual Day, Sports Day etc

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