Principal's Message

Dr. Kalpana Maheshwari

Education is the building block which helps to build the nation. In the words of Graham Bell "All progress is born of enquiry – doubt is better than over-confidence – ask, seek and explore as this spirit of enquiry will lead to experimentation & thus invention". We, at Maharaja Agarsain Public School endeavor to do this – to kindle the child’s curiosity which is the key to the child’s learning. Education for us is the amalgamation of values, beliefs, traditions, learning, taking challenges and this we teach through different methodologies.

Each school has its own character, its own distinct and identifiable ‘personality’. The integration of academic excellence and professional learning is one of MAPS unique strengths. We strive for high standards in the transmission of knowledge within a dynamic and interactive environment, thereby enabling our students to gain distinction and honors in their chosen fields. It has been said, “We are trying to perfect nature, and directing it towards aims higher than its own”. It is in this manner that we make our contribution everlasting, a legacy to the individual, to the community, and finally, to the country.

MAPS aims to be the school which truly believes to unsettle the minds of the young and thereafter inflame their intellects. We aim to help each child realize his potential. We wish, not only to tell, explain, demonstrate but also inspire our students. We wish to emphasize more on the methods of teaching than the content.

As a Principal, I do believe that knowledge should be embraced wherever it is found and should be given to whoever treats it with respect. Maharaja Agarsain Public School attempts to provide to its students a vision. A vision built on principles and philosophies which are accepted throughout the world. The entire world is therefore our learning ground, our Karmabhoomi. For us, the four pillars of a strong foundation are a supportive management, teachers, parents and children who will work in harmony to ensure a glorious future for the children and together we will help them realize their dreams.