Promotion Policy

The School strongly believes that there is no second chance for a student who is found using unfair means in any test or examination. He/She will be given zero in that subject in that test or examination. There will be no retest for such students. These student will not be eligible for any academic award or school appointments and a note will go to their personal records for the same.

In case a student has a genuine medical problem or suffering from any infectious disease, and is likely to be absent for any examination, an application with medical certificate must be submitted before or on the day of the examination. The case will be reviewed by the Principal on an individual basis and a decision for re-test will be taken.

  • Streams Offered
  • Science, Commerce, Humanities

For Class XI

The Academic session is divided into two terms : July - Sep. & Oct. Feb

A student needs to procure at least 40% in each subject to obtain promotion to Class XII. A student failing in one subject will be granted one chance to appear for a retest. His/her promotion to Class XII will be subject to clearing the retest. 75% attendance is mandatory to appear for the final exam in XI.

For Class XII

Public Examination is held by C.B.S.E. for this class in the month of March and the results are declared as per C.B.S.E. Examination by laws. To give enough practice for the Board Examination, unit tests and various examinations are conducted by the school according to the scheme of examination. The students are advised to take these examinations seriously as these examinations will be beneficial for the preparation of the board examination.

Promotion would be subject to the rules laid down by CBSE. Pre Board exam is mandatory for all students